Our New Addictions

I’m an addict.

No, I’m not addicted to alcohol or cigarettes, or some other drug; I’m addicted to a flashing screen, a notification. I feel like everything out there on the internet (and a lot of life) is out there to get you addicted. Every time you send a message on Facebook you get to see when the other person sees it. Even when you put your phone on silent there is a flashing green light to let you know that you have a notification. My smart phone notifies me when I get an email, a text, facebook comment, IM, and on some rare occasions, a phone call.

I feel like all of this constant connection is making me crave that flashing green light. I check my phone way more often than back when I only had a dumb phone, and not just because of the added functionality. Sometimes I think back to how my parents have described growing up without cell phones, Driving around looking for friends to do something with. I feel like there would be a lot less staring at your phone before classes and more talking. People would be more focused on what’s in front of them instead of a phone connecting them to the small circle of people they talk to regularly.¬†

I want to be rid of my phone, Walk around campus without thinking if so and so texted me back yet. I want to be untethered from this little black rectangle in my pocket. I feel like its got too much of a hold on me right now, Time to cut back.


One thought on “Our New Addictions

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